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Becoming a Digital Citizen FUNiX

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only


Through the course of Becoming a digital citizen, we want to help you equip yourself with the knowledge, tools and skills to become a true digital citizen. That is also why we use the Iron Man character to illustrate this course.

Iron Man (Tony Stark) is a superhero and a founding member of the superhero group Avengers, appearing in American comics, published by Marvel Comics. Iron Man is an image representing a digital citizen: not only using a high technology armour to fight and protect himself and others surrounding him, but at the same time having a heart full of energy as well.

Wish you will always master technology and be a strong Iron Man in the digital era.

(Photo credit Ironman belongs to © Marvel Studios)




Becoming a Digital Citizen




45 hours


  • Understand the basic functions of: Google Cloud System, popular social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube ... and online services.
  • Apply Google tools, online services system, social networking sites into work effectively
  • Use tools, social networks properly, safely and comply with the laws and social norms


Part 1: Digital Literacy and Citizenship

    • Guide you to become a digital citizen, control online behaviors and detect frauds on the the Internet
    • Use Youtube and GcfLearnFree as main material sources 
Part 2: Google searching
    • Guide you to use basic and advanced features of Google to search for information
    • Use as a main material source
Part 3: Google Apps
    • Guide to use Google services to support tasks such as: Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides...
    • Use Google Apps Learning Center as a main material source
Part 4: Connect to Social networks
    • Guide to use popular social netwaorking sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube...
    • Use GcfLearnFree as a main material source
Part 5: Using online services
    • Guide to self-study online and use online services to become a digital citizen
    • Use Youtube as a main material source




Course Designer ver1.0 Lê Hoàng Việt

  • Having graduated with an MA in Software Engineering. Training Tools Head at FPT Resource Assurance Center.B3
  • Mr. Viet has worked in various fields and positions for 7 years in IT field such as: 5 years of software development experience, 3 years of domain training experience, 2 years of software project management experience
  • In addition to the ability to design and analyze software requirements, he is also proficient in Object Oriented programming languages such as C # .NET 4.0, ASP.NET 4.0, ASP.NET MVC 3.0, WCF, Java / J2EE.
  • Facebook :

Course Designer ver2.0 Trương Đắc Tài

  • Software Engineer at BPC Banking Technology
  • 2+ years of Scratch teaching, mentor at Funix
  • 6+ years of Software Quality Control
  • Bachelor in Networking, university of Transport in Hcm city
  • Facebook:


Below is the list of all free massive open online learning sources (MOOC) used for this course by FUNiX: LinkedIn, PSWG3, SayItVisually, TED, Uber Southeast & North Asia, Derral Eves,, Google Open Online Education, SafetyCenterVideos, Techcombank Việt Nam, Trợ giúp YouTube.

All open learning sources used in FUNiX training program are public, constantly updated and freely used. FUNiX is always willing to receive and discuss any comments, suggestions and responses related to our learning sources via email
Hỏi mentor