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Lab 4 FUNiX

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About this LAB

This lab is about Java web programming. During time of the lab, you will practice with mock projects which practice Java skills which are required by industry such as front-end web, database accessing, web app security, JSP, EJB and web services.

The rule for this lab is very simple. We provide a list of assignments which you can choose to do. And you can choose yourself some of projects which are suitable for you. Each assignment is set a predefined LOC (lines of code) measure and you can find that information in the assignment description. After each assignment completed, its LOC would be accumulated to the total LOCs of the lab. When you get the minimum total of LOCs required by this lab, you would pass this lab.

You should decide yourself the tatics to complete the lab, choosing many simple assignments with smaller LOCs or choosing a smaller number of difficult assignments with higher LOCs. We don't care which tatics you apply, we only count the number of total LOCs to consider whether you passed or not passed yet.

Lastly, one more point you should know, after each assignment finished you have to submit and register for verified session with mentors.

Thanks for your attention and we hope you will win this lab soon!

Hỏi mentor