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Creating your first program (Javascript) FUNiX

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only


Welcome you to join this course of Creating your first program, after getting used to online studying at FUNiX through 2 first subjects. This is the third subject that trains you to create the first applications by programming language JavaScript and jQuery library.

Through this subject, we will train you to create your very first application running on website, at the same time support you to create the simple games with programming language JavaScript. Thanks to programming language JavaScript and jQuery library, you can create applications running on computers, even create Game running on your smart phones. Besides, when you work on website and pursue the technology of website design, programming language JavaScript allows to create effective processing applications on website.

In terms of content specialization, this subject will mention programming language topics JavaScript –  Creating moveable effects on website. jQuery – the library of JavaScript to support programmer to create effects and solve effectively on website and create applications on smart phones. Besides, we also would like to introduce some new technologies such as Google Apps Script and type of JSON data to support you to be able to create online applications just with programming knowledge JavaScript.

Course code:


Course name:

Build the first application

Number of credits:



45 hours

       Course objectives:

- Self-build applications by programming language JavaScript

- Understand the way of programming by using JavaScript on website

- Self-create Game by Unity and JavaScript.

- Self-create applications and package allowing to run on smart phone.



Part 1: Creat application by JavaScript.

- Introduce the basic concepts of programming language JavaScript, syntax and statement of JavaScript, the way to embed JavaScript code to run on HTML page.

Part 2: Creat Game by JavaScript

- Guide the way to create Game by JavaScript  on Unity tool

Part 3: Create application Photo Album by HTML + jQuery

-Guide to use JavaScript and jQuery library to build Photo Album application.

- Package application running on smart phones

Part 4: Creat application by Google Apps Script and jQuery.

- Guide to use jQuery to standardise data of users on web.

- Create online application by Google Apps Script.

- Use JSON và jQuery to create application

The prerequisite:

- Students have studied the subject: WEB101x Build the first website

Course Designer

Nguyen Huy Hoang

  • Internal Lecturer at Resource Center of FPT Software Company.
  • Graduated as a Master of the University of Hanoi University of Mining and Geology and Training program of computer at Ha Noi Aptech (HDSE)
  • Through multiple languages,including: Visual C++, Visual C#, MySQL, Visual Studio 2003, XML, Vecad, Postgres, SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005, C, C#, Java, Visual Studio, SQL Server, ArcGIS, Netbean, Eclipse.
  • Facebook:

Studying sources 

-List of free and available learning resources ((MOOC) is being used in this subject by FUNiX:

Accio CodeAdam KhouryAmit AgarwalCodecoursecodedamnGoogle DeveloperskudvenkatLearnCode academy"LearnToProgram: Become a Web or Mobile Developer"Magic MonkQuentin Watt TutorialsRanga Rajesh KumarSatish BstudywithdemoTony LeaThe Net NinjaThenewbostonTheTutSpaceudacityWes Boszeeshan ahmed.

- All available learning materials which are used in training programs at FUNiX are publicized, continuously updated and free. FUNiX is willing to receive and discuss about contribution comments, responses related to learning material via email

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