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Ruby on Rails Developer FUNiX

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

The course includes two phase:

Phase 1: first 12 weeks to study, practice and master RoR by doing 5 projects and 4 exercises

Phase 2: 6 remaining weeks to complete the capstone project and prepare for the online interview defense session


1. Having English skills at the intermediate level to read IT English documents and listen English videos.

2. Be familiar with at least one programming language for at least 1 year. It's better if you have web development foundation (HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript / jQuery). In case you are not ready these technology, you would be guided to learn it youselft later in next lessons.

3. Be familiar with at least one webserver technology such as PHP, Python, NodeJS, ASP.NET, Java web...; and a database system such as MySQL, Postgres...

4. Be quite familiar with software design paradigms such as OOP, MVC.

Course Staff

Frequently Asked Questions

How to learn this course?

The course is organized as a Self-study course which is facilitated by mentors. The course itself would not teach you, it only instruct you the learning path you have to go, suggest you good learning materials to help you understand, summary key points, and challenge you by projects.

You would teach yourself by learning suggest documents, discovering other online documents filling up your missing knowledge/skills. Solving projects every week and googling everytime to find solutions for your problems or your stucks.

You're worry now as you have to learn yourself :)

Don't so worry, of course, we'll go together to support you complete successfully this course.

How to get support?

There're two ways to support you:

1. A mentor would be assigned to support you as an advisor. He/she supports you to make learning plans, review your work weekly and answer your any questions. He/she would contact you via email to agree about ways to best support you, weekly review time.

2. Other mentors to answer your questions via the mentoring system.

How learning materials are opened?

The learning materials would NOT opened all at once time. It would be opened week by week. Each week has its own mission and you should complete it in that week.

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